And… my degree means what?

I recently graduated college with a bachelors. I’m sitting at my parent’s house wondering what my degree even means. I mean, I spent 4 years cramming for tests, dealing with roommates who drove me crazy, renting expensive textbooks that I would rarely use, and of course sending those large checks to the school. Now, I know if I wanted to find a well-paying job straight out of college I probably should have studied engineering or computer science. But alas, I am terrible at math, physics, and pretty much everything else related to those subjects.

I studied psychology and public health, which to me are very interesting subjects. I actually did get a job related to psychology (which isn’t very common for those with only a bachelors). I was a mental health counselor at an eating disorder clinic. Great first job, right? NO.  I was miserable and honestly slightly traumatized by the things I witnessed in this facility. I only lasted three months before I threw in the towel.

So here I am sitting on the couch in the living room of my parent’s house. I have applied to jobs online, but honestly I haven’t had much luck. I am a total introvert so one would imagine that being at home, having to have minimal interaction with others would pretty much be my ultimate fantasy. At times it’s nice to be able to “relax” but man, who knew that browsing the internet, watching Netflix, and playing video games could get boring after awhile!

As I look through my Facebook news feed and see posts of people achieving their “dreams”… all I can think is, ‘please don’t let me be the only one totally lost’. Seriously, why do all their lives look so put together?

One thought on “And… my degree means what?


    Oh believe me you will FIND your way. I was in your shoes more than 10 years ago and felt I was duped by this dream that did not materialize the way I thought. But I promise every step you take will lead to your dreams. From one introvert to another.

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