So… Bernie or Hillary?

First off, I consider myself a Democrat. I have found some Republican candidates that I have liked but as Trump seems to be leading the polls I am definitely staying on my Democrat side.

If I look on my Facebook news feed it is about 85% pro – Bernie and 15% pro – Hillary. I’d like to preface that the majority of my Facebook friends are female, often minorities, and tend to live in very liberal places. I doubt that I have the “typical” friend group as I spent most of my childhood attending international schools.

Now, I have seen posts written by friends commenting on the fact that as a female I should vote for Hillary and avoid following the “Bernie Bros”. First of all I don’t think gender be the deciding factor for me when electing a president. Secondly, what makes you think that the reason I want to vote for Bernie is because all the boys are doing it?

I have taken those online quizzes that help you determine who you should vote for in the upcoming elections. My results always have Bernie first with Hillary close behind. Being completely honest I don’t know too much about either candidate, but it does seem the majority of my peers are voting for Bernie. On the other hand, many of my mom’s peers are voting for Hillary. The older, the wiser…right?

I also frequent Reddit. Reddit is extremely pro – Bernie, I almost avoid it because it makes me feel incredibly biased. I seem to be surrounded by people who support Bernie so much that it almost surprises me that Hillary is in the lead. This leaves me to be frustrated with the biased opinions news networks seem to hold.

At this point I really need to flesh out which candidate would best suit my views. I have to forget that “as a girl you should vote for a girl” or that “all the young people are going for Bernie”.

However, one thing is for sure… Donald Trump will never get my vote!

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