“I’m moving to Canada if Trump wins”


I admit I may have said this line once or twice. Honestly, Canada seems like a lovely place (minus their cold weather). But then I saw an interesting comment, if Americans are so against allowing refugees into the country, then what makes them think they have a right to go to Canada?

I think that argument is pretty valid. I know the vast majority of people saying they will move to Canada are just joking or are trying to express their strong disapproval for Trump. I am also sure there’s actual people who would leave the country if he was elected, albeit not very many people.

What makes this situation different than the refugees coming into the U.S.? I’m sure they are facing much worse conditions than we would if Trump was elected. Why is it that individuals coming from war torn countries aren’t accepted into our society?

My guess is that it has a lot to do with their religion and culture. I imagine that the reason we don’t want to accept refugees from Syria is because they may be terrorist. The likelihood of them being terrorists or related to terrorist organizations is probably pretty low. Now, if Americans were to move to Canada… I wonder if the Canadians would be up in arms about allowing us into their country. The privilege we have as American citizens is astounding .

The final question I have to ask is, even if Trump is elected is there much he can do as a President? It’s my understanding that as a President he wouldn’t have too much power… I mean it’s not like  President can do whatever they wish. So, is it worth moving to a different country?



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