There are more important things than Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie

A trending topic has been Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie. Seriously? First of all, this isn’t anything new. She has “broken the internet” before. It seems to be all over Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! News, and TV. Why is this so important to us?

I understand the draw to celebrity gossip, I really do. Sometimes I’ll read celebrity gossip when I’m bored and need a distraction from work. That being said, why don’t we have the same draw attention to scientists, politicians, and activists? Maybe it has more to do with my generation. I wonder if my parent’s friends have Kim Kardashian and the rest of the clan filling up their Facebook news feed.

On international women’s day I just wished that instead we focused on pressing issues that we face.  I would much rather hear stories about women who are making a difference in this world. I have absolutely no problem with women embracing their bodies and being confident (and against all slut-shaming), but I would like us to take a step back and ask ourselves if Kim Kardashian’s selfie should really be the trending topic of the day.

Maybe I’m just being cynical.

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