Who votes for Trump?

I am honestly confused. The media tirelessly attacks Trump daily. I would say possibly more so than the other candidates. I see nothing but comparisons to him and Hitler on Facebook. His speeches, Tweets, and interviews are all controversial. That leaves me with one question, how is he winning the majority vote in almost every state?

Am I missing something? The hate that Trump gets does not seem to work out to the fact that he is ahead as the Republican nominee. I guess I can see why some might like him. He speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to do so. Unfortunately, that leads him to make racist and sexist remarks. As a minority, I can’t stand Trump and his xenophobic views. I know plenty of white Americans who feel the same way. But it’s baffling to hear him mention that he won the votes of the highly educated, the poorly educated, and even the Hispanic vote!

I very much consider myself a liberal, however, I know plenty of Republicans that want nothing to do with Trump and are hoping for Cruz or Rubio to win.

So who is voting for Donald Trump and WHY?

3 thoughts on “Who votes for Trump?

  1. onereasonableperson says:

    Way back when I was in college, I was pretty idealistic. I believed in the system. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to see the system as rigged. Unless you can give a politician a) lots of money or b) votes on a large scale, the politician couldn’t care less about your problems.

    The middle class isn’t doing really great at the moment, and they feel that their interests are not being represented by either party. The left is really, really concerned about minority rights. The right is really, really concerned about the 1%.

    Trump isn’t exactly the ideal messenger, but he’s the only one who seems to be saying, “Hey, middle class, I see you. I hear you.”

    Maybe if he were to get into office, he’d actually represent us.

    My guess is that, you as a minority, identify with the left because you feel like the left represents you. Hopefully, you can understand why voters might follow a candidate for the same reason.


    • amillennialsinsights says:

      Thank you! This is helpful. I am surrounded so much by Bernie supporters that I almost hear nothing about the Republican side unless it’s the media trashing Trump. I definitely agree that the system is rigged. I guess I was sort of confused as to why people support Trump when you hear nothing but negative things about him, but I definitely can see the appeal he may have.

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      • onereasonableperson says:

        My main regret about the whole Trump thing is that his comments and personality are the focus of so much attention is that the reason people are supporting him is getting so lost in the noise.

        Thanks for the post. I think it’s fantastic when people take a real interest in what the other side of the aisle are thinking. We can disagree about who to support without losing respect for each other.


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