Real women have curves.

Sigh. I guess I’m not a woman then, huh? I’m petite… probably the size of an average 7th grade girl. I’ve always been naturally small. I don’t eat particularly healthy, I exercise infrequently,  and I’m young so I probably have my metabolism on my side.

Something about that line just drives me crazy. Why can’t a skinny women be a real women? I understand the notion that “curvy” women are beautiful and real. Yes, they should be proud of the way they look, but why does that make it okay to hate on skinny girls? Why is it okay for people to tell me to go eat a burger, but God forbid I tell a larger woman to go exercise.

I applaud plus size models, I think it’s great they are comfortable in their own skin! I just can’t help but feel frustrated when I notice people making fun of tinier girls. I don’t think it’s funny when you call me a stick, pole, feather or joke about anorexia. I certainly don’t think it’s okay to joke about women of heavier weights either.

Shouldn’t all body types be accepted regardless of weight, height, color, and physical disabilities?

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