Trump is literally Hitler.


Okay, so maybe I don’t believe that Trump is literally Hitler. I do see some similarities, but I’m not quite sure if I believe he will start the next World War.

Hitler was anti-Jew (and many other things too), he made them wear identification much like Trump’s proposed idea for Muslims. I can see the similarity there, being anti a particular group of people… but that being said I do not think Trump is planning to round up Muslims and put them into camps. His plan is mass deportation which I agree is terrible.

Both Trump and Hitler have used racism to gain popularity. Of course this is probably one of the biggest similarity I see between the two. Trump is so anti- illegal immigrants that his speeches have such an undertone of racism. Hitler on the other hand saw the Aryan race as the best there could be. It boils down to them both thinking Whites are the “master race”.

Another similarity that I see people talking about is that they both talk about making their country great again. I don’t really consider this a huge similarity because I think that’s just political talk. It’s not unusual that a person running for president would say that statement. Why would Trump, a Republican, say that America is already great with Obama as president?

I don’t support Trump by any means but I’m not sure if we can call him the next Hitler. His Islamaphobic, sexist, and racist remarks are upsetting and definitely not what we have had a recent presidential candidate express so freely before. All I know is that I don’t want the next President of our country to be a racist.

4 thoughts on “Trump is literally Hitler.

  1. onereasonableperson says:

    “Trump is so anti-immigrants that his speeches have such an undertone of racism.”

    This statement is so factually incorrect as to border on absurd. Trump’s wife is an immigrant. Trump is anti-illegal immigrant. There’s a big difference!

    “It boils down to them both thinking Whites are the “master race”.”

    It boils down to thinking that America has a right to decide what non-citizens get to become citizens. If you have something to offer America, come on in. If you don’t have anything to offer, why do we want you? I can see an argument for letting some people come for humanitarian reasons, but we should get to decide who we let in.


    • amillennialsinsights says:

      Thanks for pointing this out, I did mean illegal immigrant but I accidentally just stuck to saying immigrant which I agree is factually incorrect. I will go ahead and fix that. I do understand the argument of coming into America if you have something to offer. I guess I just come from an immigrant family and have seen the harsh difficulties they have to face in their country of origin and that kind of gives me this soft spot of wanting to let people enter the country easily.


      • onereasonableperson says:

        The problem is that we’re in a real quandary over the whole immigration situation. Much of the right leaning American public very much believes in law and order. There is a sincere belief that people who came here illegally should not be rewarded for breaking the law.

        I think, though, that most of them would agree with having a defined, easier path toward becoming a legal citizen. But again, they don’t want people who broke the law to benefit.

        How do you make an easier, defined path without rewarding the people who are already here?

        I think this conversation would be a lot easier if the left didn’t call people racist for believing in law and order and strong borders.


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