How does one even adult?

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How do I adult? I just don’t get it. Why does everyone else seem like they have their life together? Is it like I missed some college class called “Adult 101”?

If I had it my way, I would probably sit at home all day watching Netflix or going out to restaurants every meal just so I can try something new yummy food. I guess I lack wanting any responsibility and yet still want the independence. I seriously did ONE responsible today (went to a much needed doctor’s appointment) and rewarded myself by buying a mini cheesecake. I should probably have more faith in myself.

Now that I’m a college graduate I’m ready to launch my own life but I feel like I am terribly lacking all the tools do so. How do I buy myself a car and make sure I’m not being ripped off? What is a mortgage? How do I do my taxes properly? Should I move across the country to be closer to this boy? I mean I guess I could Google all these questions but why can’t they teach us this in school? Forget my astronomy class… this is what I need to know!

Of course I could ask my parent’s but they have booming careers, PhDs, and are always on the go. I don’t think they need to know how utterly lazy and lost I am.

I just hope that there’s others my age (and older) who are equally confused!

One thought on “How does one even adult?

  1. Sincerely Cheyene says:

    I am in college and definitely suck at being an adult. I call my mom all the time for so many things I wish I already knew. So much for adulting!


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