Meeting his Christian mother. 


Let me preface by saying I have no problem with people who are religious; I was just raised in a non religious household so I didn’t have much exposure. He on the other hand was raised in a very religious household. He went to a Christian school and university. As of now, he is reconsidering his faith.

I originally met his mother for a quick 20 minutes or so over the summer. She was super nice and friendly. She hugged me and thought I had a good head on my shoulders. That being said I don’t think she thought I was around to stay. A month ago he suggested I have dinner at his mother’s house with her boyfriend. I agreed, because well she was super nice and welcoming 7 months ago!

Upon arriving at her house I started to get nervous. I’m a pretty shy person and I know that it sometimes makes me come off as standoffish. Either way she welcomed us into her home graciously and made a delicious home cooked meal.

Though all seemed fine I could sense her disapproval. First of all, I’m this tiny little quiet brown girl. Probably not what she imagined. I mean I really did try to dress as cute and conservatively as I could. Secondly, her son and I had spent time together alone. Even though we are in our 20s this is not okay. In some ways I get that, like, who is this girl my youngest son is hanging out with? Lastly, I simply don’t share her beliefs and frankly neither does her son. We don’t attend church or bible study, we don’t say grace, and well there’s a ton of differences. Perhaps all of this has less to do with religion but more to do with being conservative. I come from a very liberal family, pro-choice, same sex marriage, sex education etc. I can see how that can be a little daunting to people who prefer the conservative lifestyle.

Either way religious and political views aside, what should matter is how happy I make him. I may not be this beautiful, tall, blonde, Christian, outgoing girl… but at least I’m unique!

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