To the lady who refused to sit next to me on the subway.


I was tired of standing, my stop was not coming up anytime soon. There was a row of three seats, you were sitting on the left side, the middle seat was empty and the right side had been occupied. I waited till right seat was empty so I could finally take a seat. As soon as I sat down I noticed you glare at me. I smiled back, because why not? You immediately got up and went to the opposite side of the subway and just stared at me for the rest of my ride. The guy sitting across from me just lowered his head and slowly shook it.

First of all, I saw three different people sit next to you and you didn’t seem to mind at all. Do I smell? I mean I just showered a few hours earlier and my body wash is expensive so I better smell amazing! Was it my skin color? Everyone who had sit next to you was white until I made the shocking decision to take a seat next to you. It wasn’t even next to you… there still was an empty seat between us!

I have come to the conclusion it was because I was brown. Were you afraid I was somehow a terrorist? Lady, I just want you to know that not all brown people are Muslim and definitely not all Muslims are terrorists. I never thought I would incite that type of fear and disgust in a person. I promise that I had no intention of causing anyone harm, I simply had tired feet and wanted to sit down.

I hope one day you learn to not judge based on skin color.

One thought on “To the lady who refused to sit next to me on the subway.

  1. changetoday says:

    It is really sad that people are such lowlifes. I have had my own shares of experience with that and have seen others being treated ( Esp. africans and muslims and people from ne etc etc) being treated the same way. It is really sad. But you cheer up! Have a nice day and ignore idiots :’)

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