Trump not welcome in Chicago.


Trump’s rally in Chicago was cancelled due to widespread protests. Previously, videos have been shown of small groups of protesters at his events who endured physical and verbal attacks from others in the crowd. This rally however had many more protesters, forcing law enforcement to determine the rally was no longer safe and shut it down.

Honestly, I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. With how controversial Trump is I imagined that many more protesters would have attended his rallies. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact he’s been in the south for a while and maybe he is more popular down there. I’m just wondering where all the protesters are in these southern states? I’m sure he’s got quite a few “haters” down there.

I see nothing wrong with protesters at Trump’s rallies, mostly for the fact they are entitled to free speech. That being said, I would also hope for these protesters to not become violent or for those attending the rallies to not become violent. I get it, these are heated topics and people get angry but that doesn’t mean you can go around punching people or spew racial slurs.

I am happy that those who are against Trump are standing up. It’s important that we show we will not accept racist and sexist remarks from a potential future president. I am hoping that protesters will be shown in a good light and make Trump supporters think twice about the man they stand behind.

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