I want to be fit without having to work for it.


I want to be fit without eating healthy and exercising. I am by no means overweight, I would consider myself “skinny fat”. Basically, I am skinny but totally unfit. I don’t have a flat stomach, I lack any muscles on my arms and legs. I don’t even know if I can lift 60 pounds, it’s quite pathetic.

I used to like doing sports. I would run, play soccer, and swim. As I got older I just never got into the habit of going to the gym. I am shy and pretty self-conscious which probably played a role in why I would never set foot in a gym. Actually, I finally did go to the gym a few weeks ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I was definitely ready to go home after 20 minutes.

I also don’want to eat healthy. I LOVE sweet foods. I could eat cake, brownies, pies, cookies all day if I wanted to but I would feel way too guilty after. I try to enjoy salad, I really do. I just have to drench it in dressing for me to be able to actually eat it. You know how you are supposed to order salad when you go out on a date with a guy? Well, I just can’t do that. Give me my pasta, chicken, mashed potatoes, and burger.

I’m fairly young so I tell myself I don’t have to worry too much now. I know that is wrong but I just don’t understand how people have so much discipline to be healthy and fit. I’m even eating a slice of angel food cake while typing this post.

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