Do long-distance relationships work?


Do they? Especially if there is no specific “end date” in sight, is it worth it? I have conflicting thoughts on this.

I know that once you find someone who is great, makes you happy, and just overall makes your life better you shouldn’t be so willing to let them go. How often are you going to find such an amazing person? What if I don’t find anyone just as amazing in my city, or even my state?! I think it’s hard to determine if they are worth the long-distance in the first place. Like do they have to be a certain level of amazing to be worth the hundreds or even thousands of miles of distance? You don’t want to pass up on a great opportunity. It’s too bad we can’t predict the future.

The cost! All those train, plane, and bus tickets definitely add up. It’s not like you can buy a plane ticket every week just to visit for the weekend and then go back to your boring old life without them. It’s definitely a wallet drainer, but I guess that’s better than spending it on clothes and accessories you do not need. Unless you have pretty well paying jobs and a flexible schedule the visits aren’t so easy to plan.

And how the heck do you deal with the “missing” part? I mean… seeing their texts and hearing their voice over the phone isn’t even close to being the same as having them standing right in front of you. It gets daunting having to countdown the days till the next meeting, it’s even worse when you don’t even have a next meeting planned. How do you keep sane in this waiting game?

All that being said, when you are together in person it all seems worth it. You realize how happy they make you and you forget about how hard it is when you are alone. Even thought you aren’t technically alone, they are still there for you just not physically.

Pretty much I think they work but it takes the right kind of people do it. You really have to want to make it work to be successful.


7 thoughts on “Do long-distance relationships work?

  1. Shri says:

    This is a great post, it takes so much from you to be in a long distance relationship, but it is totally worth it! Yes it takes money, time, and many times of sadness of missing them, but it can totally work if you are with the right person, and you know they will be there for you whenever. It is truly a beautiful relationship because you end up being with each other longer than most couples. Like calls all night, and calling and video-calling whenever you want to. Sharing and taking about everything, I feel like you would feel more closer than if you were in a normal relationship. But in the end both sides have to cooperate and love each other equally for it all to work.

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    • amillennialsinsights says:

      I totally agree! With long distance you really get to know each other on a personal level because you spend so much time texting or calling each other. I think people need to learn to communicate in relationships more, which is something that those in long distance relationships learn early on.

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  2. scheerio says:

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    This is a really unique post telling all sides of a LDR. It’s expensive, it’s tough, but it can work. Find out why!


  3. Little Kokomo says:

    It really depends on the person, but long distance is definitely not for me. If i don’t see the person, I start forgetting about them, and lose interest. I can’t imagine going on without an end date in sight.


  4. riannemitchell says:

    I agree that it depends on the people in the relationship. I never thought i could do it but getting into a relationship when i was visiting home while at uni, made me realise i wanted it to work and it did 3 years on x


  5. jenniferkelseyrobertson says:

    It is the most terribly great thing that has ever happened to me – granted, we are a mere 3 hours apart, but that doesn’t change the things we go through, who knows if it will all work out, but I am more than willing to give it a shot


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