I want to be beautiful without trying.


There’s some people who are naturally very beautiful. There’s others who are beautiful but definitely put effort into it, there is nothing wrong with that. If someone wants to spend time doing their hair, make up, coordinating outfits, more power to them. They should be able to look the way they want.

I wish I could get out of bed, effortlessly put on clothes and look wonderful. I wish I didn’t have to blow-dry, straighten, and brush my hair for it to look somewhat okay. I wish it didn’t get frizzy the second I walk outside the door. I also wish that I didn’t have to ask myself in the mornings, “should I pop that pimple or hope no one notices it?”. I have given up on the idea that I will be able to ever correctly cover up a pimple with make up. I’m just terrible at it. I always end up looking more like a clown.

I want to be able to look great in outfits, but have them be comfortable at the same time. I think flats make an outfit great but they make my feet hurt so I usually end up wearing Keds or boots. I like wearing those pretty chiffon tops but they make my skin feel funny. I don’t mean to say I dress horribly… I maybe could spend more time trying to compliment my figure.

I’m probably too lazy to put in enough effort into being beautiful. I also feel silly when I try to dress up because I just feel like I look fake. Whatever that means. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it one day!

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