If Only I Could Buy All The Clothes, Bags, and Shoes I Wanted.


People think I hate shopping. No, I don’t mind shopping. It’s just that I hate when I see tons of things I like and realize it’s several hundred dollars over my budget. I know I don’t need that $150 bag but in my head I will try to rationalize it. Like… promising myself I will definitely use this bag and ONLY this bag to make the price worth it.

Same goes for shampoos, conditioners, face moisturizers etc. I want to buy fancy shampoo because why not? They smell good, the bottles look pretty, and it makes me feel like I’m washing my hair in some special serum. I’m sure Head and Shoulders would work just as good.

Shoes are another weakness of mine. I always drive to the store just to browse shoes. I live in a place that’s more often cold than warm but somehow I have convinced myself I need over seven pairs of sandals. To be honest, they all look pretty similar but at least I know I always have an extra pair if one gets ruined.

I’m lucky I’m pretty frugal or else I would seriously be living out on the streets (along with bags filled with overly expensive clothes). Let’s just hope one day I become incredibly successful in my career so I can finally buy the things I need (okay, maybe not need, but want.)

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