I Know My Hair Is Always A Mess. Sorry.


My hair is always a mess, at least to me. No matter how much I blow dry, straighten, or brush it I swear it looks like I just rolled out of bed.

I have pretty much given up on brushing my hair. It’s naturally very dark wavy and thick (thanks, Indian genes). As soon as I run a brush through it, it poofs up and ends up being 3 times the size it was before. It looks awful. Now straightening is sort of a 50/50 for me. Some times it looks good, other times it looks like I gave up on life. I can straighten the front of my hair fine for the most part. The back is another story. It’s half straight and half wavy mostly because I can’t see the back of my head and somehow I’ve convinced myself that since I can’t see it I’m sure no one else can too! This leaves my hair looking super awkward because the front and sides are straight while the back is a wavy mess.

I will try to leave my hair natural. About 20% of the time it looks okay enough that I can get away with it. The other 80% of the time it looks, well, frumpy. I have so many fly away hairs, especially on the top of my head. I have tried using hair spray, gel, and water to get them to stay down but no matter what I have like 20 hairs sticking straight up from my scalp. I always look around at others and I swear I never see anyone else who has millions of hairs sticking out from their head like antennas.

Anyway, I am so sick of hair. I wish I was given that naturally beautiful, the type where you can get right out of the shower and have it look perfect. Alas, I can’t always get what I want.

3 thoughts on “I Know My Hair Is Always A Mess. Sorry.

  1. mistressmunin says:

    I, too, suffer from chronic messy hair syndrome. It does what it wants and I let it. There’s this stuff that makes it curl nicely sometimes, though, and it sounds like you have a similar hair type… lemme go check… Ken Paves “You are Beautiful” Curl Creme. It’s about $15 at Walmart, which is normally more than I spend on almost anything (that’s about the max price I usually pay on jeans lol), but it’s lasted about a year and you only use a little bit. Plus, I love the scent, sort of a minty essential-oils mix smell. Anyway, I like it, so I thought I’d suggest it! Love your posts, by the way, you sound a lot like me in some ways 🙂

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