I Want to Spend My Friday Night Watching Netflix.


I’m an introvert and pretty shy. I will avoid hanging out with friends in public because I’d much rather be chilling at home. It’s not that I’m super socially awkward, I really just get tired when I have to socialize too much. It’s exhausting.

Pretty much all my life I have liked to spend my Friday night’s at home. I will often order pizza, and then spend my evening watching movies or TV shows. It sounds sort of lame, I get it. I see everyone else posting pictures on Facebook of them at fancy restaurants and clubs so sometimes I feel like I’m missing out. Should I even worry about that? It’s not like I’m going to become like a hermit or anything.

There are times I decide to go out on Friday. Thanks to my anxiety disorder it usually ends up with me being super anxious during the whole ordeal and just wishing I could be at home cuddling with my dog and sitting on the couch with a blanket and remote in hand. I wish I could enjoy being out more, I really do. Sometimes I think it makes me come off as lazy. Like really? I’m in my 20’s and I’d rather be at home than walking around the city. Who knows.


3 thoughts on “I Want to Spend My Friday Night Watching Netflix.

  1. jodieclairee says:

    There is nothing wrong with that. My perfect night in is snuggling up with my partner and dogs, watching a film and ordering a takeaway. I couldn’t imagine anything better!



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