It’s Not Easy Being Positive.


I have heard that simply thinking positive can really change your life. Instead of telling yourself “crap, I’m going to miss that bus”, just tell yourself that you’ll make it and everything will be fine. Easy enough, right? It’s hard for me! I guess I never realized what a pessimist I am.

My mind goes so quickly to the negatives, I am always telling myself that I can’t do something. It’s worse when I have convinced myself so much that I can’t do something that I end up not even trying it. I have such a strong fear of failure, it is probably unhealthy. I definitely have missed out on many life opportunities because I was scared of failing.

I have friends who are always happy and think their life is going great. I can’t help but wonder to myself how they do it? I swear it is so much easier to be negative. I feel like I don’t have to lie to myself like I do when trying to be positive. That might be problem, not believing the positive thoughts.

My new goal is stop telling myself I will fail at something but instead tell myself that I can do anything I want, even if that means not succeeding the first time.

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