Human Interaction Is So Freaking Tiring.


Interacting with humans is so tiring. I get exhausted after having one conversation. I spend so much energy making sure I say the right thing, listening carefully, and trying to be funny that by the end of it I’m so thankful it’s over. Am I the only one that focuses so much on the dynamics of a conversation that I have no idea what the other person and I talked about after?

I do enjoy conversing with people for the most part. It’s not like I hate people, I just don’t feel the need to be super social. I enjoy my online time with Netflix. I just feel like I need a nap after any social event. I need to recharge, I guess. It’s not like this with every one I know; there are some people I can be around for a long time and not be yearning for much needed alone time. I don’t know if this is mostly because I’m introverted or because I have anxiety. Maybe both?

The good thing is I can fake it for the most part. I’m pretty good at pretending to be social and super high energy when really I’m more like a sloth. People get surprised when they find out what a homebody I really am. I am pretty conflicted on whether or not I should hide how introverted I am. I have always felt the extroverted people have an advantage over me.

I don’t know, I should probably try to interact with humans more. Hah.

2 thoughts on “Human Interaction Is So Freaking Tiring.

  1. mistressmunin says:

    I’m the same way. I usually leave any social event as soon as possible. A conversation feels more like a battle with myself than a form of communication with someone else. It really sucks when you like the other person so much (either romantically or just in general) and then you put all this pressure on yourself to be likable, but it doesn’t work because they can sense the tension coming off you in waves… or at least that’s how it’s always been for me.Anyway, I don’t think you should hide your inner-introvert – I think you’d be surprised how many people would respond to it. One of the things that made me start to get better at the whole ‘social’ thing was when someone I thought was a total extrovert/super self-confident told me he was actually quite shy – he just wasn’t letting it show like I was. That made me realize everyone is basically fighting the same battle, other people just handle it differently. I started relaxing a lot more after that. Plus, I honestly just stopped caring what they thought (for the most part, anyway). You have to spend the rest of your life with you – not them. As cliche as it sounds, the only person you’ve really got to convince to like you… is you. Once that’s out of the way, it’s actually kinda hard to care what everyone else thinks. Haha sorry about the long comment, I have a hard time writing a short reply! Anyway, good luck out there! Just be you and enjoy every moment you can. 🙂



    No you are fine. This is your nature. You are a social extrovert (out of necessity) but you are really introverted. I hear you on everything you said, enjoy your me time, and get some healing crystals too. Life gets complicated when you are married to an extrovert and have extroverted children.


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