Nothing Is Worse Than Doing Laundry.


Yes, I know I’m exaggerating but I hate doing laundry. This sounds like a ridiculous post, I get it, but I really dread the days I need to put my clothes in the washing machine. I’m the type of person that will wear every article of clothing I own before I decide it’s time to actually do it.

In my room right now I have a hamper full of laundry along with two piles on the ground next to it. I know that this weekend I’ll spend a good 5 hours doing laundry because I couldn’t get myself do it any sooner. It’s not like I’m busy all day that I can’t get it done. I simply just avoid the basement because I know once I pass the machines I’ll feel that little pang of guilt.

One reason I hate it so much is because I have to lug my laundry baskets down two sets of stairs. Its not much work, I’ve just somehow convinced myself that it is equivalent to running a marathon. Another reason I hate it is because I have to do more than one load at a time (yes, there’s a remedy for this but I’m too stubborn). I hate doing 4 loads of laundry a day. I also hate folding all the clothes! I am a terrible folder, and to be completely honest they all somehow end up unfolded in my wardrobe anyway.

I’m overreacting, yes, but I’m sure there is one chore that everyone hates doing. Mine just happens to be laundry!

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