Why Do Clothes Always Look Better On The Mannequins?


Okay, I understand clothes looking better on models than me. Of course, they are models for a reason! But mannequins, really? I always see cute outfits on mannequins in the stores and search around for an exact replica. I get all excited until I get into the changing rooms and realize I look frumpy.

Maybe it’s because the mannequins are taller, have a “fuller” body, perhaps more curvy. It just frustrates me that even a mannequin can look better than me! I don’t understand how something can look so good but them bam it looks ridiculous when I put it on. Am I doing something wrong?

Also another reason why shopping online is so hard, although the pictures aren’t of mannequins I just know that I’ll never look as good as the person in it. Maybe I’m way too hard on myself.

I really hope there’s others like me. It’s not fun to be out-dressed by a mannequin.

One thought on “Why Do Clothes Always Look Better On The Mannequins?

  1. jodieclairee says:

    I completely understand your frustration. It is so annoying when you see something look drop-dead gorgeous on the mannequin and it doesn’t even look as half as decent when you try it on in the fitting room. Sometimes, it even wants to make you cry! But your right – we are just way too hard on ourselves.


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