It’s Okay To Not Have Your Life Figured Out In Your 20s!


I’m in my early twenties, but even now I feel like I need to have everything figured out. All my friends seem to have their “dream job” while I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to write a proper cover letter. I see people starting to get engaged on Facebook, when I’m here feeling like I’m still a teenager!

Life isn’t easy for most of us. It’s very frustrating to see others around you who are the same age yet they seem to have already put together the pieces of the puzzle. Admittedly, I’m pretty lost in life. I simply don’t know what career I want, what state to live in, or what car I want to buy. That being said, I’m coming to terms that it’s okay to not have this figured out. Aren’t your twenties made for learning about yourself?

I feel like I’m also still grasping the whole beauty and fitness aspect of this too. I wish I could catch that “I am super motivated to exercise and be healthy” bug. I want to feel compelled to go to the gym and cook homemade meals. Seems like the majority of my Facebook friends have it, maybe I’ll “catch” it soon.

Beauty is another struggle for me. It seems like everyone my age dresses so well and proper when half the time I really just want to wear skinny jeans and an oversized college hoodie. Don’t even get me started on make up! There’s 5 year olds that do it better than me.

The point is, I’m finally starting to accept that I have a while to go before I figure out my life path. Maybe the majority of my Facebook friends are overachievers, who knows. What I do know is that it’s perfectly okay that I’m taking my time!

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