Why We Need More Blogs And Less Facebook..


I’ve been using Facebook probably since 2007. It’s changed a great deal. Most of my news feed is now filled with selfies and memes, with the occasional interesting intellectual article. It’s great for keeping in contact with people but otherwise I pretty much avoid it. My life isn’t that interesting anyway, you know?

I think more people should get into blogging. It doesn’t even matter if you have viewers, it’s just a great way to express yourself. I feel like my blog represents me so much more than my Facebook. When people ask me for my Facebook link I really just want to direct them to my blog instead. Of course I always oblige and give them the link to my very bare Facebook page.

I love being able to write down my thoughts, as silly, random, and incoherent as they can be. I also love seeing other blogs, I never imagined that there would be so many people out there that thought like me! My favorite part of all of this is that these blogs are from all over the world. Not only is it fun to do but I’m sure it’s far more productive than being on Facebook. I have a finishing product when I’m done blogging, I don’t have a finishing product when I’m done Facebook stalking (besides having unnecessary information on the victim).

Maybe we should get kids in school to start blogging. I wish I had a class on blogging, I really could have used that instead of my art history classes!

5 thoughts on “Why We Need More Blogs And Less Facebook..

  1. thatqueerthinker says:

    Damn this is so spot on! I couldn’t agree anymore. I am not any fluent writer or anything but still there is no better joy than expressing our thoughts. & Blogging has certainly opened a new door to me which is way more constructive than any other medium.Peharps fb has become really monotonous..there is hardly any good post being written nowadays! Sigh😞

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  2. Raymond says:

    I agree! And Facebook has announced that it is clamping down even further on third party articles so that they can promote their own user generated content. Would be interesting to see what they have in store for us.

    I doubt it’ll be anything as good as wordpress.

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  3. asoneoncesaid says:

    Very true. I have had facebook for so long and it seems like i just go on there to waste time and leave with nothing but lost time. And now since i started a blog i can see what i got and see what i spent my time on and have something.

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