Will Anyone Love Me As Much As My Dog?


This question seems to linger in the back of my head. I know that people’s pets adore them, look up to them, and all around think they are amazing but why can’t people be like that too? I wan’t people to think I’m as wonderful as my dog does!

I have a rescue Border Collie. He’s adorable, but a little bit sassy. He’s quite a bit of work, and a big ball of energy but that doesn’t change my love for him. He is always by my side (literally) when I’m feeling down. It’s almost as if he can sense my emotions. He truly doesn’t want me to feel like crap, maybe that’s because I’m probably less inclined to play with him when I do!

He actually enjoys just hanging out with me. How many people genuinely like hanging out with me? Probably not a huge amount (I’m boring and like hanging out at home). He doesn’t seem to mind that I want to sit on the couch all day with my laptop! Although he does get jealous of it and tries to nudge my hand away from the keyboard so he can get a few belly rubs. I guess what I’m getting at is, how is someone going to love me so much that they don’t mind my incredibly laziness like he does?

He is legitimately happy when I come home. His ears perk up, he wags his tail, and begins to bark. It’s like he actually enjoys my company! I mean sure there’s time he probably wants his alone time (he hides out in the guest room) but he likes being with me. How many people in my life get that excited when they see me?! I can tell you… I have never seen my friends jump up and down when I’ve arrived at their houses.

I just want someone who will think I am as great as my dog does. My dog thinks I’m this girl that loves going on walks, spoiling him with treats, and gives  amazing belly rubs. He really loves me, and I certainly really love him. I just wish people were this easy to impress!

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