Matching Clothes And Accessories Is Rocket Science.


I’m no fashionista by any means but I wish I had some intuition when it came to matching clothes and accessories. In general I don’t even bother what color clothes I’m wearing as long as they aren’t too similar of a shade to another article on me. I should probably care a little more than that but I just don’t seem to understand how to match!

I really don’t get how people are so good at matching. I do try to look nice, but that usually means wearing something that compliments my body and looks clean. I thought that was good enough. Well, then I overheard a friend talking about how they always make sure their shoes match their outfits. I sat there confused as I have worn the same brown boots all winter. Am I doing it wrong? I will usually change up my shoes during the summer but for the winter I strictly have one pair of boots. They are comfy and get me through the  snow and I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on them so they can’t be that bad.

I have the same problem with jewelry too. I wear the same necklace and earrings everyday as well as a hair tie around my wrist if that even counts. I never really thought of changing it up. I’m not a very extroverted person so I tend not to want to draw much attention to me.

Anyway, I don’t get matching. I need a personal stylist or someone to write me up a guide because at this point I’m just wearing whatever I think looks “good enough”. It was easy to get away with it while I was in college but now that I’ve graduated I feel like I need to step up my game!

4 thoughts on “Matching Clothes And Accessories Is Rocket Science.

  1. HOW says:

    I’m decent at it, now that I’m in my 30’s, but really that’s because I finally figured out that I like most of my clothes to be black. They all go together and I throw a pop of color in there now and there. Or, I wear a dress and leggings, and there, everything matches (or not, my only leggings are black, which probably looks weird with a springy yellow dress but whatevs). I sometimes match my shoes to my dress, but mostly only in era and level of dressiness (I wear vintage almost daily). I think it really just depends on personal preference, because I will tell you right now, most people are so focused on themselves they will rarely notice if you wear the same shoes daily, or the same jewelry. You do you, boo. 🙂

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