Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone Everyday.


I live by the idea that if something scares me then all the more reason to go ahead and do it, within reason of course. I have pretty bad anxiety and for me very crowded places make me incredibly uncomfortable. So, I have decided to make it my goal to face a situation like that everyday. Nothing major, I can run in and out of a busy drugstore or take a trip to the mall on a Saturday afternoon.The point is I am telling my brain that I’m okay and nothing bad will happen to me!

A huge part of my anxiety is avoidance. I would avoid social events, classes, meetings, presentations etc. I always tried to find a way to rationalize it inside my head. I would make up things like, I wasn’t feeling good or I thought there was no benefit in attending class. In reality I was struggling to do simple everyday tasks.

This is why I believe that everyone should do something they are uncomfortable with. Hate giving people compliments? Well why not tell a random stranger their outfit is nice  and leave them with a smile on their face. Hate driving? Well drive to the closest shop and work your way up. I know, it’s way harder than it sounds. It makes you feel like crap during it but once it’s over with there’s a sense of relief and pride. It took me months before I really got the hang of it. But when I do manage to do it I always feel like I have accomplished something. I am fighting my fear and anxiety.


4 thoughts on “Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone Everyday.

  1. HOW says:

    You are doing a great thing for yourself, exposure therapy is so effective, especially as you’re doing it, in small bites that you can handle. Way to go!


  2. -Arifa says:

    Wonderful advice. I hope you manage to step out of your comfort zone. I have been doing the exact same thing for the past few years and it does work! Good luck 🙂

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