Let’s Just Pretend You Don’t Notice My Split Ends!


No matter what I do I seem to be plagued with split ends. Every time I leave the hairdresser I think to myself, “That’s it. No more straightening or blow drying”. Within a few weeks my hair is back to its same old way. It drives me crazy and it doesn’t help that I have black hair which does a great job of exacerbating it.

So, I’ve tried to cut out using any heat products on my hair. It works, sort of. I still eventually get split ends. I just hate having to give up those things in order to not have split ends. My natural hair isn’t pretty so I sort of need a blow dryer and straightener! I’ve tried those heat protection sprays but I haven’t been able to find one that I really enjoy.

I’ve also tried hair products. I found a pretty good one by Nexxus, I would just use it in the shower and once I stepped out my split ends would be gone. Of course that doesn’t last and I needed to continue to use it frequently but it wasn’t cheap!

I’ve tried trimming my own hair. I thought I was doing it pretty well until I went into the salon and they asked me who had cut my hair last! I was totally embarrassed and never tried that again. Haha.

This has left me with only one option… pray that the people around me don’t notice my split ends. I hope that they are at a far enough distance to not notice the wreck my hair is. That being said, I’m sure they notice. Who couldn’t? I literally have them all over my head!

Here’s to hoping that I’ll finally figure out how to get rid of them or at least be able to accept my split ends (sure…).

2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Pretend You Don’t Notice My Split Ends!

  1. HOW says:

    Have you tried using a hot oil treatment about once a week on the ends of your hair? It doesn’t fix split ends, but helps them lie down, which makes it so unless someone is inspecting your hair, they won’t be noticeable 🙂

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