North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Not Okay.


Just a few days ago a law was passed in North Carolina that no longer protects the LGBT community from discrimination. This will result in transgender individuals being forced to use only the bathrooms determined by the gender on their birth certificate. This also leads to individuals not being able to press as many charges against harassment, for example in the work place. Also, organizations will be able to deny service to LGBT individuals.

It’s shocking to me that in year 2016 we are still not open to LGBT rights. I am a heterosexual and I can proudly say that the marriage of two men or two women does not effect my life in anyway. Why is it so disturbing for people to see that union when they aren’t even involved in one themselves. I don’t see how individuals feel like they need to push their values on others. If you don’t agree with gay marriage then don’t have a gay marriage! Honestly, it seems that simple to me. There’s no need to instill your values in other people.

Thankfully there has been a huge outcry over the enactment of this law. I am pleased to see so many people stand up for this even though they may not be directly affected.

I don’t think this law will last long. There’s too many people who are against it. This might have gone over better a decade ago, but I think people are becoming more accepting. We should be tolerant of others regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion.

One thought on “North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Not Okay.

  1. HOW says:

    I don’t know man, if others choose not to eat meat, that so totally affects my life in the worst way since I DO eat meat. LET’S MAKE LAWS! /sarcasm
    I’m in agreement with you, and you wrote this very eloquently. Beautifully put.

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