Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other!


Everywhere I look, celebrity news, Facebook, Instagram, in schools and at work places I notice that women and girls are pitted against each other. It feels like we are being encouraged to compete rather than help each other out.

Why does it matter who wore an outfit better? Why does it matter who is thinner? Why does it matter who is more successful? Or who is more lady-like? I’m tired of the constant comparisons between women. Does it really matter whose butt is better between Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian? I don’t think so! It just seems so irrelevant making women feel like they need to outdo one another. Life doesn’t need to be about being better than everyone else around you.

I notice this happening on Instagram quote a bit. Girls will post pictures of themselves and usually the comments will be positive, but occasionally you get the rude comment which declares the person as ugly or fat. Why does it necessary to bring someone else down? Instead you should be encouraging that person to be the best that they can be. As women we are doing ourselves no justice if we don’t work together. How are we supposed to overcome sexism when we can’t even accept one another?

I don’t know if this happens with men too. I always envisioned men being a little bit more collective. For example the term “bromance”, is there a female equivalent to this? It just seems like the bond between males seems to be stronger than females. Of course this is just speculation, I would need a males input on this!

5 thoughts on “Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other!

  1. Danomaly says:

    Males don’t have it any better, just different. Bromance kind of thing is only between very close friends. When it comes to strangers two things happen, either we don’t see them as a “threat” and we just ignore them or we “compete” against them to show that we’re just as good or even better and get them girls. We’re not mean or kind but just kinda neutral, which isn’t a bad thing but can be just as unnerving. I’d describe that kind of interactions as we recognize someone’s existence but don’t think anything about it.

    That is until we need to show how good we are and we use those we deem “inferior” as a point of compassion, which can be just as mean and ruthless. Both males and females are competing to get the best mate they can and we do so in different ways.

    It reminds me of a show or documentary where a woman disguises as a man because she thought she’d have it much easier that way and at the end of the 30 days or however long the experiment went, she was a mess because being a guy is just as hard/harder for someone who isn’t used to our way of interacting with each other.

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    • amillennialsinsights says:

      Wow thanks for chiming in, it’s great to see a males perspective. I feel like the media focuses so much on female interactions and body positivity that we don’t really know much about the things males struggle with.


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