The Funny Ways I am Stereotyped as an Indian.


I am of Indian origin. I was born in Indian and lived there till I was two years old. Both my parents were raised in America so we tend to live a very Americanized lifestyle. That being said, I still look very Indian so many people assume I’m “fresh off the boat” until they hear me speak with my strong American accent. Anyway, here is a list of stereotypes and things people have said to me because I look Indian…

  1. Why don’t you wear a red dot on your head? Does your mom wear one? (No, and the red dot is called a bindi)
  2. Are you muslim…?
  3. You must love curry. We have this joke that Indians all smell like curry!
  4. Are your parents going to set up an arranged marriage? (No.)
  5. Wow, for an Indian you speak really good English.
  6. Aren’t you not allowed to even talk to boys?
  7. Indians are either super rich or super poor.
  8. You’re dark for an Indian… do you tan a lot?
  9. Do you speak Indian?
  10. I bet you have no choice but to become a doctor, right? (No.)
  11. You must be vegetarian… aren’t all Indians vegetarian? (No.)
  12. Do any of your family members work at 7/11? (Again, no.)
  13. You must be crazy smart because you’re Indian!
  14. You are really pretty for an Indian!

This is just a short list but it’s so funny to me to see the ways people stereotype me. I know they aren’t trying to be rude or offensive the majority of the time. I wonder how other people are stereotyped?

7 thoughts on “The Funny Ways I am Stereotyped as an Indian.

  1. Azul Medianoche says:

    Oh yes, you can bet that black women have our share of stereotypes!! I have come across people saying how well spoken I am, find it strange that my name isn’t “Latoya”,”Lakeisha”, or “Shaniqua”.. Or that some black women aren’t all birthing ten children before 30!

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