I Know I look like a Mess but it’s too Early!


I usually roll out of bed at 7am to walk my dog. I look like a mess, I am aware of that. I have total bedhead, I probably stink since I haven’t showered yet, and I’m wearing the first thing I find. I don’t normally look like this in public, I’ll go home after I walk my dog and put myself together. I’m sure my neighbors  think I’m some kind of lazy bum but in all honesty it’s way too early for me to care about what I look like!

Same thing happened in college. I would show up to my 8am classes (although this is rare because I usually overslept) and there would be girls there dressed immaculately with a full face of make up. I felt totally inadequate. I could dress up like that, just not at this time.

Are there other girls (or boys) like me? Or am I just incredibly lazy to in the mornings? I know I should try to dress my best but seriously I am just too tired to even care. In fact I hated getting ready in the early mornings so much that I got a second shift job and only took college classes in the afternoon. That gave me plenty of time to dress up. This way no one I interacted with knew truly the way I look in the AM.

The point being is, if you plan on meeting me early in the morning don’t expect too much!


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