I am Glued to my Smartphone and I’m Missing Out on Life.


I am glued to my phone. I am always looking at Facebook, Snapchat or my texts. I feel so much more comfortable having it around. It helps me avoid awkward situations, keeps me entertained, and prevents me from getting lost on the confusing city roads. Sounds great, right? Nope.

I feel like I’ve missed out on so much because of my phone. Instead of enjoying a nice meal with friends I feel compelled to take a picture and add a filter. Why? So my Snapchat followers think I have a life! It doesn’t make sense why anyone needs to see a picture of my coffee cup but somehow I am convinced I need to snap a shot. I’m surprised people even look at my Snapstory.

I have even had my parents ask me what I’m doing on my phone all the time. I used think to myself that they are just an older generation and don’t understand the need for it. I started to become more conscious about my phone use and to be honest I was shocked at how many times in a span of 10 minutes I felt the need to look at it. Even when I’m at a stop light I really just want to grab it and do a quick Facebook check, it’s stupid. What could possibly be important on Facebook that I need to look at it while driving?

I seriously need to put my phone away and focus on what’s around me. I don’t need to know what Kevin ate for breakfast this morning or how Charlotte’s day is going (Sorry to any of my Facebook friends who read this!). I need to live in the moment because I want to have memories of doing fun activities and not just sitting around on my phone.

4 thoughts on “I am Glued to my Smartphone and I’m Missing Out on Life.

  1. hobbypsychologist says:

    It’s crazy really, how I do not only feel the need to report and snap every thing, no matter how exciting it reall is, but how I also need to know what my friends on facebook or celebrities on instagram or twitter are doing Please tell me how to stop this addiction when you figured it out for yourself 😉

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  2. laugraeva says:

    I have an app that closes all apps and stops all notifications for however long I want, so that I can get some writing done without distraction, but sometimes I just use the app to stop myself from checking my phone.


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