It Always Seems to Rain as Soon as I do my Hair.


On the days that I finally get around to doing my hair it always seems to be the days it rains or it’s incredibly windy outside. Just this morning I decided to my hair, it actually looked great. Well, it did until I took my dog out for a walk and it turned into a big poofy mess. It only took my hair 5 minutes to go from maintained to disastrous. I decided not to fix it when I got back home and instead said “screw it” and went on my way.

I hate seeing all the effort I put into my hair go to waste. I have a thick head full of hair so it’s not easy work blowdrying or straightening it. In fact, I hate having it go to waste so much that sometimes I’ll refuse to go outside if it’s raining. I know it sounds ridiculous. I’d like to think that they’re other girls out there who do that too.

There isn’t much of a point to this post except for ranting about my now messy hair. I really hope I don’t run into anyone that I know.

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