“Long Distance Relationships NEVER Work!”

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I hear people say this all the time. First thing I wonder is… how is it possible that it has never worked? Are you saying out of the billions of people on this planet not a single long distance relationship has been successful? Sure, maybe they have a higher rate of failure but that doesn’t mean it will never work. Just by telling others that their relationship will fail is putting that idea in their head and making it more likely to happen.

I think that long distance relationships have different pressures than “normal” relationships. Communication is a big part of long distance relationships, since any physical connection is limited it’s important to connect in other ways. Honestly, communication should be important in any relationship for it to be functional. Funnily enough, I’ve heard people disregard long distance relationships and saying they aren’t “real” because unless you are together in person what is the point? I see their logic as flawed, a long distance relationship is just as real as any other relationship. There’s plenty of reasons for distance, jobs, work, school, family etc. However, that doesn’t mean the distance will never come to a close! Sometimes people need to work on their own lives before being able to move closer to their significant other.

I do think it takes the right type of people to be in this kind of relationship. It requires a lot of patience and effort. It’s hard for those not in this type of relationship to truly understand all the facets that come alone with it. Thus, they should not feel to tell you that there is no hope in your relationship. Every single relationship has a chance of failure or success, don’t let others determine the outcome for you.


4 thoughts on ““Long Distance Relationships NEVER Work!”

  1. Marcellino says:

    Being in one myself… well… I can not agree more. And … it can work. It requires patience and effort, but foremost deep love.Unconditional love.

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