I want to be alone, but not lonely


It seems to be that people equate to being alone as being lonely. I am introverted and I cherish my time being alone. That doesn’t mean I feel incredibly lonely. In fact I hate feeling lonely!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to just spend time at home in your room watching Netflix. You don’t need to be surrounded by others 24/7. This doesn’t make you a loser, anti-social or friendless. Especially for me I feel like I need alone time to recharge. I’d like to point out that even though I’m alone physically I’m still texting or calling others.

It’s interesting when I hear people’s thoughts on going to the movies alone. Many people say it looks odd or depressing. I find it funny that just because someone wants to enjoy a movie on their own it automatically makes them a weird person? And what about people who eat alone in public? I’ve done it many times, it certainly doesn’t mean I’m socially inept. I see nothing wrong with doing things independently in public. Sometimes we don’t have friends or family members to join us but we would still like to go out.

So before people start to pity me for spending my Friday nights inside, I just want them to know that I’m perfectly fine! I don’t feel like an outcast… I just feel like I would rather hang out playing video games or watching movies!

2 thoughts on “I want to be alone, but not lonely

  1. The Silent Explorer says:

    Nicely written. I am an introvert myself and feel the same way! I recently went on a solo trip to a different city and while I was there, I went to a movie alone. I too enjoy spending friday nights or whole weekends catching up on reading or just watching movies.

    People fail to realize that sometimes doing things alone can be the best way to experience things. To be alone is a kind of freedom that people take for granted until it vanishes from their lives.

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