Sometimes I Just Want To Sleep All Day


There are some days I just don’t want to get up. I’d much rather sleep and delve back into my colorful dreams. It’s nice to get a break from everything around me. It’s also nice to sleep and not feel stressed about having to get up at a certain time and getting tasks done. Of course it’s almost impossible for me to stay in bed all day. Mostly because I’ll have others in the house thinking I’m having a major depressive episode or I’m fatally ill. How come staying in bed has to be associated with negative things?!

Maybe I’m weird for wanting a day to just sleep. I know  I probably wouldn’t spend the whole day  actually asleep, but I could also grab a book and read it in bed or watch funny YouTube videos. I’ve suggested this to my friends and they all look at me like I have two heads. They think it’s weird I want a full day to just decompress. They would much rather be out and running errands. I don’t know. There’s just something so nice about getting into a warm cozy bed.

Well, after writing about all this sleeping I’ve gotten kind of tired! So I think I’ll get into bed with a book and try to forget that I have to be up at 6am tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Want To Sleep All Day

  1. mrglowstick says:

    It’s not weird, I’d love a day where I can stay in bed without having to be anywhere or do anything. I’d love to be able to just lay there watching funny YouTube videos. Sounds like heaven<3


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