Interviewing When You Have an Anxiety Disorder Is No Fun


The majority of people don’t like interviews, it’s nerve wracking. I have been out of a job for a few months and have scheduled an interview on Thursday. Of course, I should ecstatic that someone is even considering me as a good candidate but all I can think of is how terrible it’ll be. I shamefully admit I have skipped a couple of interviews (simply not showing up, walking out of the building, calling in sick etc.) Interviews just terrify me, and I know it shows on my face and in my words. I have convinced myself that it’s better to miss out on opportunities than go through the uncomfortable hour of being judged by a stranger.

I usually start sweating purposely and stumble over my words. I look like a complete wreck,  at least I’m lucky that I can at least “fake” confidence somewhat. I just have so many thoughts running through my head during interviews. Half of them are telling me that I shouldn’t bother because I’m not qualified and the other half is telling me that I’m overwhelmingly anxious. So, as I’m being asked what my skills are, I really want to tell them that it is “fending off a panic attack in stressful situations. Because that’s honestly what I’m doing in that moment.

I have tried to prepare for interviews beforehand but sometimes I get too nervous and physically sick that I make no progress. I really wish I didn’t have an anxiety disorder, my life would be so much easier but alas I can’t get everything I want. So.. in a desperate attempt I am finding ways to convince myself I will nail this interview on Thursday!

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