TIP: If I’m Cranky, Give Me Food


I’m probably not alone in this but if I feel cranky or irritated the first thing I have to ask myself is, “When did I last eat?” The majority of the time I conclude that I’m starving. I’ve heard people term this as being ‘hangry’ which I believe is hilariously accurate. Who knew that food could play such a huge role in our emotions!

Now, the majority of the time when I’m hangry I don’t want just any type of food. I usually have a specific craving for chocolate or burgers. I pity the people who have to deal with me through my hangry moments because I’m honestly not a mean person. I just hate having an empty stomach!

The other issue I have is that sometimes I’m so lazy that I don’t feel like getting food. So, I’ll be sitting on the couch on my laptop and notice I’m hungry. I’ll put off getting food for about 45 minutes and then I’ll realize that I’m starving. At this point I just don’t feel great so I don’t even want to bother getting up to cook something. It’s like a vicious cycle I put myself in, the saddest part is that I could totally avoid this if I wasn’t lazy!

So this is just a warning to people, if someone is suddenly cranky they may just be hungry!

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