Do People Even Care if I Wear Stuff From “Last Season”?


(Excuse my hastily done nails!)

I hear this phrase all the time on TV and sometimes in person. I sort of understand what it means. However, I’ll wear the same item of clothing for over a year especially if I really like it. In fact it isn’t just clothes people talk about! I am currently wearing a burgundy nail polish and someone told me that it’s spring I should really change the color. I sort of see their point but honestly burgundy suits my skin tone so why can’t I wear it whenever? I don’t really think that me wearing a dark color on my nails is really going to change the way someone thinks of me…? At least I hope not!

So, my question is… does it really matter if I wear clothes/nail polish colors from last season? I understand that people who are really into fashion want to keep up with the trends, no problem with that. But what about us “regular” people? I’m all for dressing well, but I just never understood the concept.

I probably shouldn’t care so much what others think of me. That being said, I’m still trying to figure out this whole “how to be an adult” thing.


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