It’s So Much Easier to Complain Than Be Grateful


It’s so easy for me to complain about things. I will complain about my food, clothes, looks, work etc. It comes naturally to me, I’ve always been a complainer. Being grateful on the other hand is so much more difficult. Of course I am happy that I have a roof over my head, and a supportive family but I definitely don’t think about that often. In the past month my parents have been extremely helpful during a very difficult part of my life and it only recently hit me how grateful I am to have them. Do I really know how lucky I am to have such an accepting family?

I have the tendency to see the flaws in everything. I am not a super negative person, but I just notice flaws more than good traits. I am most harsh when it comes to myself. I will find all these ways to complain about myself from looks to personality. I tend to skip over the things I am good at like baking. I really am my harshest critic.

I wonder what has made me like this, I kind of have a theory that those in my generation are probably similar to me. I think we are surrounded by so much technology and social media. When I go on Facebook and Instagram I tend to notice that I am comparing myself to others. I’m sure others do that too, but when people are constantly posting pictures and statuses about their lives it’s hard not to!

I hope that one day I can learn to be more grateful and not focus on the negatives too much.

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