Short Girl Problems


I’m pretty petite, I’m not quite 5 foot 2 inches. It also doesn’t help that I look like a shapeless stick. I’ve always hated being so small. I want to fill out my clothes better, I want curves. I also want to be bigger than the average middle schooler. One of my sisters is about 5 foot 8 inches, and I get so jealous. People don’t look at her like she’s a little kid!

One thing I hate about being petite is people seem to assume that means I literally have no strength at all. I’ve had so many men (and occasionally women) offer to hold my stuff because they can’t believe that I may be able to carry more than one grocery bag! It’s so annoying because people assume that because I’m small it automatically means I’m weak.

Another thing I hate is buying clothes online. First of all, I don’t know why the models online all have to have very long legs. It makes it so difficult when I want to buy pants or dresses. It may be the perfect length on the model but as soon as I try it on it’s wayyyyy too long. Not everyone is blessed with endless legs.

I also really hate that people assume I am super young because I’m short. People seem shocked when I tell them that I’ve already graduated college. They usually assume I’ve just started high school. Being short does not mean you are young! Sure I can see how it is weird that a 12 year old is larger than me, but that doesn’t mean I’m younger.

This is pretty much just a rant on being small, nothing more to it. I often wonder if tall individuals wish they were short. Guess we will always want what we can’t have.

11 thoughts on “Short Girl Problems

  1. hoshinoinochi says:

    I totally get you! haha My height is 1 mt 54 cms, so I’m pretty short as well.
    Actually I’m ok with being short, find it cute. BUUUUT, it’s very annoying when you go to a concert or you’re in a line! I totally get the buying jeans part! It’s very hard! Plus, my hips are a bit NOT small so the jeans are either too long and fit my hips or too tight and short haha


  2. Carol J Forrester says:

    I’m dead on five foot so pretty much everyone I meet is taller than me so I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve found the best jeans for me are from Next’s petite range. Next is a UK store, but their petite range is pretty perfect for us more compact humans. If I try to buy jeans anywhere else though, nothing fits right. But I think it’s the same pretty much whatever shape you are. There simply isn’t enough variation in fashion.

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      • Carol J Forrester says:

        Two years ago I dragged my now fiancée around twenty different shops in search of jeans. That isn’t even an exaggeration. Twenty shops to find a pair that didn’t swamp my legs but still fitted around my waist.


  3. Shiv says:

    I can feel your pain… But only till I was about 16. After that I hit a growth spurt and shot up to 5’9″ from 5’2.. Which is pretty decent for an Indian guy… Atleast I hope so..

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