I want you to know what’s wrong without me having to tell you!


I know it’s totally unfair for me to feel like this, but I wish people would know what’s wrong with me without having to tell them. Instead of having to tell them that I’m feeling down or irritated I want them to magically know. It’s kind of like how my mom wants me to do the chores without having having to specifically tell me what she wants done.

Does anyone else feel like this? I hate being asked, “Are you okay?” I hate it because I never know how to answer. Do I lie and say the typical “I’m fine, how are you?” or can I pour my heart out and complain about everything in my life.

I’m just ranting about a trivial topic, I know. But it gets frustrating especially since I am someone who likes to keep my emotions private. I don’t like openly telling people how I feel, it makes me vulnerable. I prefer having this wall built around me just so I don’t get hurt.

Maybe I just need to get some mind reading friends… hah.

4 thoughts on “I want you to know what’s wrong without me having to tell you!

  1. Princess Pumpkin says:

    I always feel like this. Even moreso after having had ppl in my life that could tell when I was off….and then stopped caring enough to keep noticing. It’s hard to not know how to reach out, and to trust that the people around will still be there when you do.


  2. krazykoalatree says:

    I know how you feel! Don’t we all want mind reading friends hey! It is difficult but I find people not wanting to ask me what’s wrong even more! I like getting advice from people I know can help me but when they don’t want to know……..amazing post btw

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