7 Things I would change about the way I look…


I’m not ugly but I’m also not stunningly beautiful either (unless you ask my parents…). I think most people would describe themselves this way. So, I decided to make a short list of things I wish I could change about my looks. Nothing too serious… just thought it would be fun to see what I really thought since I’m always complaining.

  1. My smile is HUGE (see baby pic) I wish it was smaller. I hate that people always comment on my smile!
  2. I wish I was a good 4 inches taller, that’s all I need!
  3. I have the highest cheekbones ever, I swear. I hate them, for some reason I’d prefer a more round face. Instead my face is like a square.
  4. Straight hair! My hair is wavy but not the cute kind of wavy, more like the messy wavy. Plus, straight hair would mean I wouldn’t have to spend ages on my hair to make it look reasonable.
  5. A more toned body. I know I could change this one on my own but I am so lazy. I lack any motivation to exercise.
  6. No pimples! Most have gone away but I always have those few pesky pimples that drive me crazy.
  7. Lastly, I would change my eye color. My eyes are seriously black. I wish I had lighter eyes, even light brown would be nice.

It’s funny to look back at that list and realize how silly they all sound even though I know that everyone has something they would love to change about themselves.

6 thoughts on “7 Things I would change about the way I look…

  1. krazykoalatree says:

    Haha this is amazing! I feel the same with most of those points you just have to remember you can change most of these things if you put your mind and heart to it if your truly unhappy but I’m sure you are a gorgeous girl X

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