“So… You Still Live With Your Parents?”


Yes, I live with my parents. I graduated college in December and have been living at my parents house for the past couple of months. I did try to move out by applying to jobs around the country but somehow the jobs that I seemed to get interviews for were all in the city my parents live in. So you are asking, why I don’t move out? Well, the city my parent’s live in is amazing, but unfortunately crazy expensive. I have the choice of moving out and getting apartment or buying a new car. I chose the new car because… well, I honestly get free food and internet at home so it’s not all that bad.

I think there’s a huge stigma for people who live with their parents after college or in their late 20s. I don’t feel terrible living at home but I do wonder if other’s think I have no independence. I have lived on my own before so I am perfectly capable to caring for myself. It’s just funny how something as small as living at your parents house reflects so badly on a person. My parents don’t mind if I live with them for a little while (as long as I help out around the house) so I can save money to get my own place. So why is it anyone’s  problem?

Now, I understand that graduates are expected to live on their own after they graduate and begin their lives independently. I would have loved to do that but other circumstances have gotten in the way. I just don’t think that a recent college graduate should feel pressure to live on their own when they are just stepping foot into the real world.

3 thoughts on ““So… You Still Live With Your Parents?”

  1. Ashli says:

    Living with parents after graduation is pretty sweet – I did it and I’m glad I did. People judged. Then I moved in with my long-time boyfriend and people judged. Keep doing you.


  2. Rosie // Hookup Culture says:

    Everyone I know moved in with their parents after graduation. I swore I wouldn’t, but of course the only job I could get was near them so it was the only practical thing to do. Anyone who looks down on you for saving money and being practical is unrealistic and probably not a very good person to be around anyway – do what makes you happy! 🙂

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