Wavy/Curly Hair Struggles


I was born with straight shiny black hair (see previous blog post for picture). Unfortunately, by the time I hit 5th grade it started to become wavy. Now my hair is wavy for the most part, but sometimes it’ll dry completely curly. I have spent way too much time cursing my hair and wishing it was straight. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be straight… it just needs to be the RIGHT amount of wavy, like beach waves.

The thing I hate most about my hair is that as soon as I run a brush through it my hair gets 5 times bigger. Hair brushes make my hair way too poofy and frizzy. I try to straighten my hair and that just leaves me frustrated. I get split ends so quick from using all that heat on my hair, plus I suck at straightening the back of my head so it looks ridiculous. And of course once I start straightening I have to keep going till I finish.

Don’t even get me started on humidity. I know as soon as I visit anywhere humid that I should simply give up on my hair, there is no use. As soon as I step outside all my great work will be gone. I have even gotten to the point of warning others that my hair will be a mess.

Oh, and lets not forget falling asleep with wet hair. Falling asleep with wet hair is pretty much an invitation for my hair to turn into a huge knot. It’s actually quite funny to see which gravity defying  directions my hair dries in.

Oh well, there’s worse things in life.

2 thoughts on “Wavy/Curly Hair Struggles

  1. Shilpa says:

    I have curly hair and there isn’t a day I didn’t wish for straight hair. But I would never actually trade my natural curls for pin-straight hair no matter how many amazing new hairstyle prospects it offers. Love the article which is totally relatable!


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