“No offense, but you look like a girl who watches The Bachelor”


So… I was talking to some guy in a class just a few weeks ago. We were acquaintances and had met earlier in the week. I had just gotten done telling him my “secret” passion, I absolutely love playing video games. This isn’t something I tell others about because honestly, I am afraid of being judged as geeky or lame. Anyway, this was his response after I spilled my guts about love for games… “No offense, but you look like a girl who watches The Bachelor.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t even know what that means. How do you look like someone who watches The Bachelor…? I haven’t seen a single episode of The Bachelor in my life so I was pretty confused. Also why should I be offended for watching The Bachelor? Do only certain types of girls watch The Bachelor? These are all things I wanted to ask him but I was too caught up in my head trying to decipher the last sentence.

He then when on to say things along the lines of, “Oh it’s cool you play video games, because you also take time to dress really nice!”. At this point I figured he had an awful stereotype of “girly girls” and “tomboys”. I don’t feel like I fit in either category, and why does it even matter which one I am?

I have no problem playing a video game while reality TV is playing in the background!

5 thoughts on ““No offense, but you look like a girl who watches The Bachelor”

  1. mistressmunin says:

    Oh, my lol. That ranks right up there with when a guy says, “why are you so shy? You’re pretty.” As if the only thing I could possibly be insecure about is my looks, just ’cause I’m a chick. lol I can’t believe he would seriously say that about dressing nice and being a video-gamer, though! Kinda sad, maddening and funny all at once.

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  2. Dr Ruth 2point0 (Anna) says:

    Well, as I tell my kids, you can’t fix stupid! Lol, I’ve never seen The Bachelor either. I tried watching one episode out of curiosity and I couldn’t even make it 15 minutes!

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