How To Deal With Anxiety?


How do others deal with anxiety? Anxiety seems to consume my every thought and action. The idea of coping with it seems almost impossible when I feel anxiety attacks coming on to me. The mix of the physical symptoms (shaking, sweating, heart racing) and thoughts (you are going to fail etc.) make it difficult for me to think rationally.

So how do I deal with it? I try many different things, and get some success. The biggest thing that helps for me is making sure I don’t think negatively. If I see myself going in a cycle of negative thoughts I’ll try to counteract it or distract myself. It’s not easy at all.

Another thing that helps me cope is making sure I eat enough. When I’m anxious I can’t stomach any food, it makes me feel too sick. Of course this is probably one reason I am so tiny. Not enough food means lack of energy, and that usually means I’ll be more anxious. I make sure to carry around a water bottle and granola bar in my bag.

Mediation and breathing techniques help wonders. I feel silly doing breathing techniques in public but they certainly make a difference. Mediation is great especially when I just wake up. I’ll be honest, meditation isn’t easy to get a hang of. I still struggle with trying to stop my racing thoughts.

Lastly, blogging helps! Just getting my thoughts out and connecting with others is a great way to lessen my anxiety. It helps knowing that I’m not alone in this battle with my anxiety. It’s really not easy to find coping methods.

6 thoughts on “How To Deal With Anxiety?

  1. Ashli says:

    I did the knitting and breathing things for a while and made scarves for everyone I know. I also tried running – counting steps, counting breaths, and that kind of thing. It took my anxious energy and refocused it. It helped control my racing thoughts too since I couldn’t really think of much else while I was running – just breath and steps.


  2. waydharris says:

    Thank you. Iv recently identified what has been making my life not so fun to live with as anxiety. Iv turned to a select few for support and writing. I won’t win some writers award with it but thats not the point. Its a release of things im unable to control in the head. But this just helps after the fact. Thank you for the tips. Ill try meditation i think next. A few others have suggested it as well.

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