I Need To Attend An Adult 101 Class


This is a class I’d be happy to attend. As I’m sitting here trying to figure out what the heck is a credit score, I can’t help but feel like a hopeless adult. I was not prepared for the transition from college to the adult world. I mean, of course I know the basics. I know how to cook, clean, drive, and look competent. That being said, I am still constantly texting and calling my mom for help. I’m convinced she knows the solution to everything.

To be perfectly honest I still feel so young. In my head I kind of thought that once I graduated college I’d suddenly be all independent and responsible with my full time job and own house. Yeah… it doesn’t quite work like that. Sure, it’s probably easier for some people to be an adult. I’ve got Facebook friends getting engaged and married while I’m here still feeling like a kid.

This whole thing was triggered by doing my taxes. It wasn’t the first time I’ve done them but it always leaves me feeling drained and confused. I just wish that there was a judgement free class that could answer my questions about life. I’m tired of seeing everyone around me look so put together.

3 thoughts on “I Need To Attend An Adult 101 Class

  1. Dr Ruth 2point0 (Anna) says:

    One of my favorite memes says: the scariest thing about being an adult is realizing nobody really knows what they’re doing and everyone is just winging it! Lol

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