Everything Happens For A Reason…?


This is always something I’ve been on the fence about. Does everything really happen for a reason? I would like to think this statement is true, but then I look back on my life and just don’t believe it. Like, what was the reason for having my computer die on me? Or failing yet another math test? I mean, maybe these are all pieces to a puzzle.

I’m not just talking about myself either. There’s so many people in the world with much harder lives than me. I can’t imagine why they have to go through these things. For example… abuse, death, addiction, poverty, etc. What would the reason for these to exist? To learn a lesson? It’s just so hard for me to come to terms with saying that a person is abused for a reason. What could that reason possibly be?

I wonder if following this sentiment is even beneficial. If I screw up in any way I’ll just think, welp that’s just how it was meant to be! I would constantly find excuses for my wrongdoings or failures.

Perhaps I’m not understanding this statement properly. I believe it means that everything in my life is already planned out and I’m just filling in the blanks everyday. But… that doesn’t sound like any fun, does it? Shouldn’t life be more like those choose your own path novels. Where every decision I make slightly alters my life.

Excuse me if I’m not making any sense. I’m sick and instead of sleeping it off I’m sitting here pondering about the meaning of life!

3 thoughts on “Everything Happens For A Reason…?

  1. mochasunshine27 says:

    We all ponder about our lives. We look back over our life and wonder the ” what if”, the how could i let this happened? and what did i do wrong in life? What we plan for our lives we want to see each dream come true but life throws us all curve balls. When life throws us curve balls or a detour at the end we end up where we wanted to be. Life is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better


  2. krazykoalatree says:

    Don’t we all?! I hope you get better soon! Well they get abused and that makes them a stronger person and able to look after them self. You’ll never know how it all fits together until your on your death bed. Not matter how much you try you can’t predict your life and your computer dying it shows that you should charge it and take responsibility for that X everything happens for a reason yet it won’t always seem clear at first….for instance my dad. Drives WAY to fast yet when I plucked up the courage to tell him to slow down I felt stronger and in control of my life more than I had before (btw he never listens to me)


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