North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Not Okay.


Just a few days ago a law was passed in North Carolina that no longer protects the LGBT community from discrimination. This will result in transgender individuals being forced to use only the bathrooms determined by the gender on their birth certificate. This also leads to individuals not being able to press as many charges against harassment, for example in the work place. Also, organizations will be able to deny service to LGBT individuals.

It’s shocking to me that in year 2016 we are still not open to LGBT rights. I am a heterosexual and I can proudly say that the marriage of two men or two women does not effect my life in anyway. Why is it so disturbing for people to see that union when they aren’t even involved in one themselves. I don’t see how individuals feel like they need to push their values on others. If you don’t agree with gay marriage then don’t have a gay marriage! Honestly, it seems that simple to me. There’s no need to instill your values in other people.

Thankfully there has been a huge outcry over the enactment of this law. I am pleased to see so many people stand up for this even though they may not be directly affected.

I don’t think this law will last long. There’s too many people who are against it. This might have gone over better a decade ago, but I think people are becoming more accepting. We should be tolerant of others regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion.

Trump not welcome in Chicago.


Trump’s rally in Chicago was cancelled due to widespread protests. Previously, videos have been shown of small groups of protesters at his events who endured physical and verbal attacks from others in the crowd. This rally however had many more protesters, forcing law enforcement to determine the rally was no longer safe and shut it down.

Honestly, I am surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. With how controversial Trump is I imagined that many more protesters would have attended his rallies. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact he’s been in the south for a while and maybe he is more popular down there. I’m just wondering where all the protesters are in these southern states? I’m sure he’s got quite a few “haters” down there.

I see nothing wrong with protesters at Trump’s rallies, mostly for the fact they are entitled to free speech. That being said, I would also hope for these protesters to not become violent or for those attending the rallies to not become violent. I get it, these are heated topics and people get angry but that doesn’t mean you can go around punching people or spew racial slurs.

I am happy that those who are against Trump are standing up. It’s important that we show we will not accept racist and sexist remarks from a potential future president. I am hoping that protesters will be shown in a good light and make Trump supporters think twice about the man they¬†stand behind.

Trump is literally Hitler.


Okay, so maybe I don’t believe that Trump is literally Hitler. I do see some similarities, but I’m not quite sure if I believe he will start the next World War.

Hitler was anti-Jew (and many other things too), he made them wear identification much like Trump’s proposed idea for Muslims. I can see the similarity there, being anti a particular group of people… but that being said I do not think Trump is planning to round up Muslims and put them into camps. His plan is mass deportation which I agree is terrible.

Both Trump and Hitler have used racism to gain popularity. Of course this is probably one of the biggest similarity I see between the two. Trump is so anti- illegal immigrants that his speeches have such an undertone of racism. Hitler on the other hand saw the Aryan race as the best there could be. It boils down to them both thinking Whites are the “master race”.

Another similarity that I see people talking about is that they both talk about making their country great again. I don’t really consider this a huge similarity because I think that’s just political talk. It’s not unusual that a person running for president would say that statement. Why would Trump, a Republican, say that America is already great with Obama as president?

I don’t support Trump by any means but I’m not sure if we can call him the next Hitler. His Islamaphobic, sexist, and racist remarks are upsetting and definitely not what we have had a recent presidential candidate express so freely before. All I know is that I don’t want the next President of our country to be a racist.

“I’m moving to Canada if Trump wins”


I admit I may have said this line once or twice. Honestly, Canada seems like a lovely place (minus their cold weather). But then I saw an interesting comment, if Americans are so against allowing refugees into the country, then what makes them think they have a right to go to Canada?

I think that argument is pretty valid. I know the vast majority of people saying they will move to Canada are just joking or are trying to express their strong disapproval for Trump. I am also sure there’s actual people who would leave the country if he was elected, albeit not very many people.

What makes this situation different than the refugees coming into the U.S.? I’m sure they are facing much worse conditions than we would if Trump was elected. Why is it that individuals coming from war torn countries aren’t accepted into our society?

My guess is that it has a lot to do with their religion and culture. I imagine that the reason we don’t want to accept refugees from Syria is because they may be terrorist. The likelihood of them being terrorists or related to terrorist organizations is probably pretty low. Now, if Americans were to move to Canada… I wonder if the Canadians would be up in arms about allowing us into their country. The privilege we have as American citizens is astounding .

The final question I have to ask is, even if Trump is elected is there much he can do as a President? It’s my understanding that as a President he wouldn’t have too much power… I mean it’s not like ¬†President can do whatever they wish. So, is it worth moving to a different country?



Who votes for Trump?

I am honestly confused. The media tirelessly attacks Trump daily. I would say possibly more so than the other candidates. I see nothing but comparisons to him and Hitler on Facebook. His speeches, Tweets, and interviews are all controversial. That leaves me with one question, how is he winning the majority vote in almost every state?

Am I missing something? The hate that Trump gets does not seem to work out to the fact that he is ahead as the Republican nominee. I guess I can see why some might like him. He speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to do so. Unfortunately, that leads him to make racist and sexist remarks. As a minority, I can’t stand Trump and his xenophobic views. I know plenty of white Americans who feel the same way. But it’s baffling to hear him mention that he won the votes of the highly educated, the poorly educated, and even the Hispanic vote!

I very much consider myself a liberal, however, I know plenty of Republicans that want nothing to do with Trump and are hoping for Cruz or Rubio to win.

So who is voting for Donald Trump and WHY?

So… Bernie or Hillary?

First off, I consider myself a Democrat. I have found some Republican candidates that I have liked but as Trump seems to be leading the polls I am definitely staying on my Democrat side.

If I look on my Facebook news feed it is about 85% pro – Bernie and 15% pro – Hillary. I’d like to preface that the majority of my Facebook friends are female, often minorities, and tend to live in very liberal places. I doubt that I have the “typical” friend group as I spent most of my childhood attending international schools.

Now, I have seen posts written by friends commenting on the fact that as a female I should vote for Hillary and avoid following the “Bernie Bros”. First of all I don’t think gender be the deciding factor for me when electing a president. Secondly, what makes you think that the reason I want to vote for Bernie is because all the boys are doing it?

I have taken those online quizzes that help you determine who you should vote for in the upcoming elections. My results always have Bernie first with Hillary close behind. Being completely honest I don’t know too much about either candidate, but it does seem the majority of my peers are voting for Bernie. On the other hand, many of my mom’s peers are voting for Hillary. The older, the wiser…right?

I also frequent Reddit. Reddit is extremely pro – Bernie, I almost avoid it because it makes me feel incredibly biased. I seem to be surrounded by people who support Bernie so much that it almost surprises me that Hillary is in the lead. This leaves me to be frustrated with the biased opinions news networks seem to hold.

At this point I really need to flesh out which candidate would best suit my views. I have to forget that “as a girl you should vote for a girl” or that “all the young people are going for Bernie”.

However, one thing is for sure… Donald Trump will never get my vote!